Germany Power Strip Socket GB Series

5-outlet power strip distributes electricity to home and office electronics, including computers, power tools and appliances.

5 outlets distribute power to appliances, tools, lighting and other electronics.1.0m or 1.5m cord plug offers flexible placement in relation to an AC wall outlet.On/off switch gives you convenient one-touch control over all connected devices.

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Photo Description Germany type power socket
 product-description1 Materials Housing PP
Color White/Black
Cable H05VV-F 3G1.0mm² Max.2M / H05VV-F 3G1.5mm²
Power Max.3680W 16A/250V
General packing polybag+head card/sticker
Shutter without
Feature with 6 switches
Function electrical power connection
Application Residential / General-Purpose
Outlet 5 outlets

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1.The proliferation of wireless handheld devices that charge at lower voltages makes surge protection more important than ever. What most people don’t realize about surge protectors is that they wear out over time. With every voltage fluctuation they absorb, their lifespan is shortened. So, to be sure you’re getting the most protection you can, it’s a good idea to replace them every two to three years.

2.Power surges can occur due to a number of reasons. People tend to worry most about lightning strikes, which can find their way to electrical wires and cause power spikes in the millions of volts. Most surge protectors can’t handle anything this large, so don’t rely on them during lightning storms—the best way to protect from this type of surge is to unplug your sensitive electronic equipment.

3.More commonly, power surges are caused during storms when power lines are downed. When the power company’s transformers and complex switching systems try to reroute power or address changing demands, it can create inconsistent power flow with dips and bursts. The other common cause for surges occurs within your own home. Air conditioners, compressors, and electric ranges require a large amount of power, particularly when they start up. However, their need drops off quickly once they’re running, which can cause surges elsewhere in the house’s wiring.

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