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Photo Description Holland Type Retractable Cable Reel
 pd Material PP
General packing polybag+head card/sticker
Certificate CE/ROHS
Color Black/Orange/ As requested
Rated Voltage 250V
Max length 40M/50M
Specifications H05VV-F 3G1.0mm²/1.5mm²/2.5mm²
Rated Current 16A
Function Retractable,Have children protection,Transferable
Model Number YL-GX-01H
Conductor 100% Copper or CCA as you choose

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1.Designed for use in both normal and heavy conditions:ideal for camping to use outdoors and also on boats, as it is water resistant.Also suitable for campers, camping, caravan, boat, construction site.These gang extension Reel will extend your Holland mains sockets and allow you to move, organise and position electrical devices almost anywhere in your rooms. The extension cable comes on a hand real and can be used both indoors and outside making it perfect for adding that extra bit of length to your lawnmower, trimmer, hedge cutters, car vacuum cleaners and many more.The Extension reel is CE approved and includes a handy re-settable safety cut-off function to protect all of the electrical devices. Includes a super comfortable molded hand grip on the back of the reel which makes reeling the extension cable in by hand super easy.
2.Extension cable reel is useful for jobs in far locations from power source. It provides the much needed power to accomplish electrical tasks on remote site locations.A mobile cable reel is a bobbin that can be wound with wires or cables. The cables on it are generally rubber cables, and the shaft and bracket used on the mobile cable reel are generally made of two materials, one is steel pipe and the other is plastic, for which there are points to note for storage.
3.Although the plastic spool is an insulator, it is relatively brittle and thin compared to metal, so it needs to be placed carefully and gently. While one might think that plastic might not be durable, this is not the case with the all-plastic flame retardant cable reels withdrawn by unsealed manufacturers. Our products are made from the most advanced polymer flame retardant materials for better safety, and being plastic, the mobile cable reel is easy to carry, making it a great product that users can’t afford to miss.

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