Advantages and disadvantages of track socket

In recent years, track sockets have become more and more popular. Compared with traditional sockets, it has high aesthetics and flexible use, and many people choose it. However, this track socket is not without disadvantages, let's talk about its advantages first.
1. Easy installation: If you want to talk about one of the advantages of the track socket, it must be easy to install. After purchasing the wall-mounted track socket, it can be installed by directly punching and wiring.
2. High appearance: If you only say that it is not in use and not connected, the track socket is really high in appearance, it does not look messy, and it is also very textured. Many track sockets also have halo indicator lights, adding a sense of technology.
3. The use is very flexible: the biggest advantage of the track socket is that it is very flexible to use, and the socket can be installed and removed at any time to meet the needs of use under different conditions, and it is basically suitable for various plugs. It is especially suitable for use in kitchens and office areas. It can power many small appliances. Perhaps this is the main reason why many people like it.


Disadvantages of track sockets.
1. The price is expensive. The price of the track socket is about ten times that of the ordinary socket. Relatively speaking, the decoration cost has increased.
2. Track gaps are difficult to clean: There are usually gaps in the track position of the track socket, and the gaps are generally easy to hide dirt and are difficult to clean.
3. Poor contact will occur: the process of inserting the plug into the socket will drive the entire socket, which will cause pressure on the entire track, so it will cause loosening and poor contact.
Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the track socket actually exist at the same time. Before buying, you should consider your own use environment and whether it is really needed. Don't blindly follow the trend to buy, but it will increase the inconvenience.

Post time: Nov-30-2022