How to choose extension cords?

Electricity is an important resource in people’s livelihood needs. Whether it is lighting, 3C products or home appliances, it is used every day. When the socket is not enough or the socket is too far. The electrical wires are not long enough, and extension cords must be used to meet the needs of use. Therefore, extension cords have become a must-have item for every household, and I believe that there are not too many extension cords at home. How to choose extension cords?1. The first step in choosing an extension cord is to understand the specifications and information on the extension cord package.2. The length of the extension cord: Before selecting the extension cord, measure the distance between the electrical appliances and sockets to be used in the home. It is recommended not to measure the straight-line distance. For the sake of beauty or safety in use, it is recommended to start pulling the cable from the socket to the corner or under the table, so the required length will be greatly increased. Therefore, measure the required length before buying an extension cable. It is not good if it is too short or too long. Some people may think that the extension cord is too long and bundle it up, but there is a risk of the cord catching fire.3.When the extension cable specification indicates that the maximum power consumption is 1650W, if the combined power consumption of the appliances used at the same time is close to or exceeds 1650W, the extension cable will activate the overload protection and automatically force the power off. In the past, what I reminded when using electrical appliances is that high-power appliances such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, irons or hair dryers, it is best to use sockets alone, do not use extension cords, household appliances that consume thousands of power, if you use the same extension cord together, It is easy to cause overloading of the extension cord. Therefore, the safety mechanism of overload protection is very important, which can avoid the temporary negligence of family members in use and affect the safety of electricity consumption.4. Waterproof function: If you want to use the extension cord in a location where it is easy to touch water, it is of course recommended to choose an extension cord with waterproof function for safety reasons, which can avoid the occurrence of electric shock or short circuit. Most of the extended waterproof functions can be used normally in wet environments.5. Fire protection function: If too much dust accumulates near the socket, it is likely to cause the risk of fire. It is recommended to choose an extension cord with a fireproof mark or a socket made of fireproof PC material. In addition, it is best to develop the habit of installing dust covers on sockets that are not used to reduce the accumulation of dust.

Post time: Sep-13-2022