Track power socket

  • Track Power Socket

    Track Power Socket

    Punch-free installation is firm and does not damage the wall.8000W high power,meet the simultaneous use of multiple electrical appliances.Power track sockets can be increased or decreased at will length can be customized.Power off can slide parallel along the track.Turn 90 clockwise to power on turn counterclockwise to power off.Rail socket bold conductor track carrying power 8000W,single adapter can carry 2500W.Waterproof and dustproof,the conductor is located at the top of the track and is more insulated.Add as you use,modular design,flexible and fast small size,round shape design.Good feel,easy to store and use anytime,anywhere.Make beauty your daily routine.We have modules with Chinese standard,American standard,European standard,you can choose any combination.More practical,more aesthetic.One track socket is enough for all small household appliances.