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Photo Description French extension cord
 product-description1 Insulation Material PVC/Rubber
Color White/Orange/As requested
Certification CE/ROSH
Voltage 250V
Rated Current 16A
Cable length 1.0M/2M/3M/5M/7M/10M or as requested
Cable material Copper, Copper-clad alumimum
Application Residential / General-Purpose
Feature Convenient Safety
Specifications 3G0.75mm²/1.0mm²/1.5mm²/2.5mm²
Model Number YL-F105F
Function Child Protection

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1.This was a 3-prong extension cord but the grounding prong is missing.Sometimes these are purposely cut off so they will fit into a 2-prong outlet and sometimes they are broken off when people yank the cord out of the wall instead of pulling it out by the plug.Regardless of why it is missing this cord no longer provides grounding protection.Without the 3rd prong there is no ground and the cord needs to be disposed of.No,it is not ok to use this cord with a double insulated piece of equipment because it is the cord itself that is damaged.If the cord is damaged it needs to be disposed of.

2.Designed to the highest standards for exceptional reliability, the extension leads provide effective power to hazardous areas.Robust and durable, compatible and supplied ready to use.
The extension lead is built to last and is both waterproof and dustproof, suitable for use in hazardous environments
The extension cable comes with a variety of plug and socket options for easy integration into your configuration.

3.Power cables are used in almost every device or machine which requires electricity. From toasters and kettles, all the way up to generators and giant industrial equipment. Cables may vary in length, but the electrical current will perform at the same high capacity regardless of the distance it will need to travel. These power cable assemblies are supplied with a variety of plug types and connectors, both male and female.

4.On a standard power cable, the power is drawn from the mains and the electricity will run through the wire and arrive at its destination. This can be either into a power supply, or directly into the appliance/machine itself. Due to the range of voltages available, different types of cable assemblies will suit varying requirements.

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