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Insulation Material PVC
Color White/Orange/As requested
Certification CE
Voltage 250V
Rated Current 16A
Cable length 1.0M/2M/3M/5M/7M/10M or as requested
Cable material Copper, Copper-clad alumimum
Application Residential / General-Purpose, Indoor household appliances
Feature Convenient Safety
Specifications SJT/SPT-2
Model Number YL-E04/YL-F101

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1.This is a 3-prong-to-2-prong adapter(also known as a”Cheater Plug”).It allows a 3-prong plug to be plugged into an 2-prong outlet.The metal tab must be secured to the faceplate with the faceplate screw or it is not grounded and provides no protection.Just plugging it into the wall doesn’t provide adequate contact between the tab and screw.It must be secured under the screw.It is the screw itself that provides the ground where it screws in to the receptacle under the faceplate.

2.This is an extension cord for 2-prong corded equipment.Newer cords such as this one are designed so that a 3-prong cord cannot be plugged into it.Some older cords were designed where the grounding prong of a 3-prong cord could fit over the top of the cord so that just the two prongs were inserted into the extension cord.Doing so provides no grounding for the equipment.Do not use cords that let you do that.It defeats the safety grounding provides.If you have any of those older they should be discarded.

3.Mostly used in indoor extension cord set applications,100percent of our America type extension cords are molded with high quality and Rosh / Reach compliant as we are China leading America extension cable manufacturer provding qualified various Indoor and Outdoor power extension cords.

4.Extension Cord Manufacturer Custom length, colour extension cords, extension leads with standard plug socket and GFCI , Overload, Fuse ,light ends for extended range and easier access to a power outlet, Ideal for household, Generator ,R.V home-improvement projects and working outdoors just got easier. Use the extension cord to plug in your electric drill, sander, circular saw, or other power tool and move about your workspace with ease.

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