French Power Strip Socket

  • French Power Strip Socket FS Series

    French Power Strip Socket FS Series

    An irreplaceable assistance with supplying power to multiple products

    There is always a time in our life, when we have to connect a device to mains, but the outlet is either too far or the access to it is very limited.

    We can offer power strips that will save you in such situations by providing stable power to all connected loads. These high-quality, new products have conductors made 100% of copper or CCA as you choose, providing greater stability and reliability of operation.
    How many sockets does this power strip have?
    Use this product,you can connect and supply up to 8 devices.
    Safety aspect of these very handy power strips was by no means ignored,each device has been fitted with protection against child interference.
    This product also have Surge Protection and Overload Protection.

  • French Power Strip Socket FY Series

    French Power Strip Socket FY Series

    Surge Protector Safeguards Your Sensitive Electronics Against Power Fluctuations

    Ideal for your home or office workstation, this Protect surge protector features a surge suppression rating of 250 joules

    and provides protection in line-to-neutral (L-N) mode to defend your sensitive electronic components against power surges and spikes.

    In addition to AC outlets, this power strip provides USB charging for up to two mobile devices.The USB-A ports eliminate the need for AC adapters for charging cords, leaving outlets available for AC equipment.