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Photo Description Power Distribution Unit for desk with Pop-Up retractable sistem
 product1 Socket type Argentina type
Model YL-ADS-03U
Material Aluminum alloy+PC
Colours Silver / White or Black Face
Installation Hole Size Applicable on 61 mm diameter hole
Cable H05VV-F 3G1.5mm²
Protection Rating IP20
Power Max.3680W 16A/250V
USB charging 3100mA/2100mA/1000mA for option
General packing inner box/sticker
Protection functions With overload protection
Plugs With child protection
Features Power Distribution Unit with 3 universal (UNEL) outlets,Equipped with 2 USB type
Additional Configuration option Surge protection, Power switch, LAN,HDMI,Audio,VGA
Grounding Standard Grounding

Expansion information

1.The item enables you to connect up to three mains powered units and charge 2 USB devices, so you can add extra power sockets without the hassle. With pop up, aperture hold and full extension modes, you can fix the unit at your optimal position.
2.When designing our homes and offices, we are faced with decisions about the smallest of details as indeed it is the trifling aspects of modern spaces that set them apart.  When it comes to deciding on electrical fittings however, most people don’t look any further than the white plastic plug assuming that’s their only option.
3.The Grand Pop Up Power Points has 3 outlets and two USB charging socket, and the standard configuration allows users to easily charge portable devices. Small portable electronic devices that use USB charging, such as iPhones, Android phones, iPods, MP3 players and digital cameras. You can charge directly from your device without any external transformer – designed to increase convenience.
4.It can easily hide simple pushdowns or extract from simple pullups, which means they can adapt to most environments without interfering with other devices. It also makes them look stylish and can be hidden when they are not needed. Installation on a desktop location allows power to be supplied where it is most needed, from kitchen appliances to laptops, all of which are commonly used in desktop locations.
5.Its stylish, futuristic design and versatility make it the perfect gadget for every modern home kitchen or bedroom! It can also be used as a stylish, decorative and functional hotel room, caravan and car home! When the unit is in motion, the top has a cool built-in LED flashing, adding an amazing factor to its impeccable design.

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