Some Knowledge About Power Strip Sockets

Power strip socket,An electric outlet is a device used to connect an electric current to a portable small device.A power outlet is a female connector with a slot or hole used to allow a rod or copper shaped projecting plug to be inserted into the electrical appliance through the plug.General sockets are designed to be of different specifications of the plug can not be inserted,and some sockets will have rod prominent,with plug holes.According to the structure and use of power outlets are divided into different mobile power supply socket,embedded wall power socket,cabinet power socket,desktop power socket,intelligent power socket,functional power socket,industrial power socket,power supply socket group etc.1.There is no metal exposed plastic casing,electrical equipment,and double insulation(that is,with”back”word symbol)of small electrical equipment,you can use the two hole socket.2.Metal enclosures,electrical equipment,and metal exposed electrical equipment shall be protected with three plugs.Such as refrigerators,ovens and so on.Timing power socket:If you need to cook rice cooker for 35 minutes,you can set the plug at 11:30 on the power,12:05 power off,you go home cooked rice just now.Not only that,but also the only tens of dollars of ordinary rice cooker to the appreciation of the value of the equivalent of intelligent electric cooker 400 to more than 600 yuan in value,but also can avoid the office work and forget to close the office electrical equipment trouble,schools and factories can also be used to automatically control the bell,not only accurate,but also can save a staff wages,especially for wore or life of people.Cabinet power outlet:the power supply socket for the power supply inside the cabinet of the industrial communication channel is larger because of the great change of power inside  the cabinet,so the power supply socket of the cabinet is more expensive.Power off protection power outlet:the power outlet has an automatic drain power supply protection function,and the power supply is automatically cut off when the power is suddenly cut off,and the power supply can not be suitched in until the restart is strated,thus avoiding the resumption of power supply and unattended operation.May cause electrical fires or ineffective use of serious security incidents,security risks can be eliminated in the use of ordinary socket from the source,especially for people in public places such as shops,markets or prevent the use of professional consciouseness is very strong.

Post time: Sep-01-2022