Tips for choosing switch sockets

Nowadays, there are all kinds of sockets and prices vary, so how should the average citizen choose a socket? This will require some tips. Let’s take a look at how much switches and sockets cost and what tips are available for buying switches and sockets!

When it comes to decoration, we have to mention the decoration selection. The switches and sockets as the circuit needs to be exposed to the air equipment, whether for aesthetic reasons or for safety considerations, are the most concerned about the user. How do you choose your switches and sockets? Anyone who has visited the electrical market will find a problem: the cheapest switches and sockets for home use cost only a few dollars, while the more expensive ones cost tens or even hundreds of dollars. Why is there such a big difference in price when the appearance is similar and the usage is the same? Is it really necessary to buy the expensive ones?

The choice of switches and sockets is not the more expensive the better, but also divided into uses, such as bedside sockets, choose about two dollars, because you can put a bedside lamp or charge your mobile phone, TV and refrigerator sockets, want to choose a better choice, about four dollars on the line, in addition, the refrigerator is best to use a socket, kitchen sockets, choose four or five dollars on the line, because most of the kitchen appliances power, there is an air-conditioning socket, must be installed with 16A air-conditioning socket, there is a bathroom water heater should choose a better socket, kitchen and bathroom sockets must not choose with a switch.The first thing to check when buying is whether there is a China Electrical Products Certification Board logo and production licence number, whether there is quality system certification, whether the certificate is standardised, whether the factory name, factory address and inspection location and production date, trademark, specification, voltage etc. are printed on the wire.

Post time: Mar-10-2022