What is a mobile cable reel? What are the advantages and uses?

Cable reels, also known as cable coils or cable coils, have become the mainstream solution in the mobile transmission industry (power, data and liquid materials) due to their small installation space, easy maintenance, reliable application and low cost. According to the driving form, the cable reel is divided into non-electric reel and electric reel; according to the cable arrangement, it is divided into radial single row and radial multi row; installation; according to the winding material, it is divided into Kaihui cable reel and hose reel plate. Non-electric types include: elastic (TA) type, heavy hammer (ZC) type, magnetic coupler (JQC); electrical types include: magnetic coupling type (JQD), torque motor type (KDO), hysteresis type (CZ) And frequency control (BP) and so on.


Advantages of mobile cable reels: 1. The application field of mobile cable reels is relatively common, and can be crimped with national standard universal plugs. 2. The socket material with excellent performance is made of high-quality all-copper, stamped and formed, and the surface is nickel-plated to ensure more than 5,000 insertions. 3. Good wire, engineering plastic panel, no deformation, flame retardant. 4. High level of overheating, overheating, overload and leakage protection, high safety protection level and high sensitivity. 5. Integrated rubber product valve core, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation under high temperature and low temperature, can be used for -20°_70° work 6. Widely used in petrochemical, steel smelting, electric power, electronics, railway, construction, Airports, mines, mines, hardware machinery, port logistics, shopping malls, hotels and other factories and mines.


Uses: Generally used in iron and steel smelting, petrochemical, electric power, electronics, railways, construction, airports, mines, mines, mining workshops, water supply and drainage treatment stations and their port logistics, shopping malls, hotels and other factories and mines as the power supply for imported equipment. The cable board can also be made into a blank panel, which can be installed with sockets such as aviation sockets, industrial sockets, telephone sockets, computer sockets, etc. It can bypass network cables, signal and data transmission lines.

Post time: Aug-16-2022