French plastic cable reels L series

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Photo Description French Type Retractable Cable Reel
 pd Material Plastic
Certificate CE/ROHS
Color Black/ As requested
Rated Voltage 250V
Max length 40M/50M
Specifications H05VV-F 3G1.0mm²/1.5mm²/2.5mm²
Rated Current 16A
Function Retractable,Have children protection,Transferable
Model Number YL-6024
Conductor 100% Copper or CCA as you choose

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1.Oil, UV and acid-proof rubber. Has four built-in sockets 2p. + earthing 16A. 250V.  Protected by thermal safety fuse. Robust steel pipe frame with cable run-out guard, quick-click brake system and ergonomic insulating handle.
2.How to choose the right cable reel:At present, according to the different ways of installation, the reel can be roughly divided into two categories, lifting and ground installation, in this case, lifting needs to pay attention to the weight of the selected cable and the installation height, for example, cable reel in the billboard industry applications, cable reel installation height will generally be more than 10 meters, the weight of the cable reel is equal to the weight of the cable itself, this time can not blindly in accordance with the product manual The cable reel model should be selected in accordance with the product manual, and the correct model should be selected after communication with the manufacturer’s sales staff.
3.General cable reel in the cable recycling can also be divided into with pawl recycling, and without pawl recycling two, the difference between these two recycling methods is that with pawl recycling and then cable reel winding to a certain position, the cable reel will lock, so that the operator to work, without pawl recycling is in the cable reel winding, regardless of any position in the cable reel will not lock, the general machine and cable reel directly connected will be used in this way.
4.Cable reel in the cable reel application is very common, such as production workshops, engineering vehicles, mining applications are very favored to use cable cable reel, but the rise of the billboard industry applications but reflects the customer does not know how to correctly select the cable cable reel problem.

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