Germany plastic cable reels M series

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Photo Description Germany Type Retractable Cable Reel
 pd Material PP
General packing polybag+head card/sticker/inner box
Certificate CE/ROHS
Color Black/Orange/ As requested
Rated Voltage 250V
Max length 40M/50M
Specifications H05VV-F 3G1.0mm²/1.5mm²/2.5mm²
Rated Current 16A
Function Retractable,Have children protection,Transferable
Model Number YL-6021
Conductor 100% Copper or CCA as you choose

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1.Safety: There are no longer any hoses on the ground as potential trip hazards.
Service life: The cables and hoses last longer because they are reeled up neatly.
Time-saving: The cables or hoses do not need to be unrolled painstakingly, untangled and then later rolled back up by hand again.
Professional: With cable reels, all workplaces become more efficient, tidier and less cluttered.
Versatile: Hose reels can be supplied for compressed air, low-pressure and high-pressure water, oil and grease delivery. Cable reels rated for 250 V.
Zero maintenance: They are made entirely of plastic or metal and, under normal working conditions, they require no maintenance.
Comfort: Only the required length of hose or cable is pulled out, and it is then retracted automatically once work is finished.
Productive: The tools are always close to hand.
2.Less packaging, more responsibility:Our company strives to keep packaging materials to a minimum. Respective agreements are also made with our suppliers. The packaging materials that are used are completely recyclable.Production: Modern reel manufacture – people-friendly and eco-friendly
In recent years, we have invested more intensively in state-of-the-art technology and methods to reduce the burden on the environment through improved production processes. For example, efficient, economically-operating plant systems have been procured, which have a higher output and, at the same time, reduced energy costs. Modern filters have been installed to reduce CO2 and progressive extraction systems have been installed to minimise dust emissions. Special attention was given to combating noise. Noise insulation chambers were assembled around especially loud plant sections, which made it possible to almost completely eradicate noise pollution.

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