Holland Style cable reels G series

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Photo Description Holland Type Retractable Cable Reel
 pd Material PP
General packing polybag+head card/sticker
Certificate CE/ROHS
Color Red/Orange/ As requested
Rated Voltage 250V
Max length 10M
Specifications H05VV-F 2G1.0mm²/1.5mm²
Rated Current 16A
Function Retractable,Have children protection,With thermal out-cut
Model Number YL-HXS-01
Conductor 100% Copper or CCA as you choose

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1.CEE 7 standards The International Commission on the Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment (IECEE) was a standards body which published Specification for plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar purposes as CEE Publication 7, known simply as CEE 7. It was originally published in 1951, the 2nd edition was published in May 1963 and was last updated by Modification 4 in March 1983. CEE 7 consists of general specifications, plus a number of standard sheets for specific connectors.
2.A number of standards based on two round pins with centres spaced at 19 mm are in use in continental Europe and elsewhere, most of these are listed in IEC/TR 60083 Plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar general use standardized in member countries of IEC. There is no European Union regulation of domestic mains plugs and sockets, the Low Voltage Directive specifically excludes domestic plugs and sockets. EU countries each have their own regulations and national standards, for example some require child-resistant shutters, others do not. CE marking is neither applicable nor permitted on plugs and sockets.
3.Some countries prohibit use of unearthed and earthed sockets in the same room, in the “insulated room” concept, so that people cannot touch an earthed object and one that has become live, at the same time. For example, in Germany, unearthed sockets are rare, found only in very old installations, whereas in the Netherlands and Sweden they are still common in “dry areas” such as in bedrooms or living rooms.
4.The depth of the sockets varies between countries and age. Older sockets are so shallow that it is possible to touch the pins of a plug when the plug is inserted only deep enough to get electrical power on the pins, while newer sockets are deep enough to protect from this kind of accident.

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